Building an explorable explanation that shows what 6,000+ U.S. adults think about the afterlife.

This work was published on BigThink.
Project Details
MY ROLE: Designer, Author
TOOLKIT: Data Visualization, Web App Development
TEAM: Lesley Huang
This is an explorable explanation about U.S. perspectives on the afterlife. The explanation is based on survey data from Pews Research Center. Pew Research Center surveyed 6,485 American adults in September 2021 about the afterlife, specifically their views on heaven, hell, reincarnation, fate, prayer, and other metaphysical matters.
Learning Objectives
- Understand the similarities and differences in perspectives on the afterlife (particularly on what heaven and hell looks like and who is there) between religiously and non-religiously affiliated U.S. groups

- Identify one’s beliefs in the afterlife and comparethose to the U.S. population

- Define religious and non-religious affiliations
The explorable is sectioned off into three sections: heaven, hell, and the afterlife — each with a data visualisation or an interactive activity. The visualisation design in the BigThink article was adapted from the original website.